About Us

From inception, the DNA of Localmotion Ltd is to be totally focused on offering innovative and environmentally friendly people moving solutions for Bermuda's street pilots.


The brainchild of entrepreneur Michael Swan, Localmotion Ltd. is taking a lead in navigating Bermuda towards more sustainable transportation solutions.


The time is right for electric vehicles here in Bermuda as the technology is at the point where range, performance and charge times are quite acceptable when compared to competing fossil fueled vehicles especially since we have relatively short commute distances and a low speed limit.

Our award winning Bermi EV cars have plenty of range and power and are the perfect solution for a wide range of usages.

We invite you to browse our website or contact us. Or you can take a Bermi for a test drive or rent one from our headquarters on Happy Valley Road. Please give us a call or send an email to book.


We'd love to help you to discover the pleasure of helping to save the environment whilst motoring through it with Localmotion.

About Our Manufacturer

Michael Swan

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Founded in 1982  our manufacturer has since then been focused on the research, development, production and sale of electric vehicles and their components.

"We are a pioneering company in the development and research for electric vehicles, with our main focus on the creation of base technology for EV's, with over 35 years experience to our credit".


They were the first Company in the Asian market to manufacture basic components for the electric mini car industry in Asia, including technologies and products such as; motors, controllers, high performance batteries and charging systems.

For 35 years, the technical team under the direction of its founder, and always following the concept of practicality and the existing industrial platform as a basis for efficiently reaching objectives with precision", they have become a market leader in mini electric vehicle technology, creating safe, stable, award winning and reliable products.

These fundamentals are always treated with the utmost importance, allowing us to put our trust in them. This in turn translates into fruitful results and substantial potential growth for our company .

'Bermi' is now a part of the rapidly growing worldwide dealership network for this unique car.

Lcalmotion Ltd welcomes you to the future of transport in Bermuda.

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