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About Us

Michal Swan CEO Localmotion BERMI

Michael Swan

Founder and CEO

Debbie VP at Localmotion BERMI
Bernel at Localmotion BERMI

Bernell Gibson

Service / Fleet Manager

Localmotion Ltd. BERMI

18 Happy Valley Road

Hamilton HM19


C  (441) 519 9255

T  (441) 291 0267



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Debbie Araujo

Manager Sales and Rentals

Tel: 441 519 9255

Michael is the founder and CEO of Localmotion Ltd.

  Formed in 2017 as a result of Michael's passion for everything on 2 or 4 wheels, Localmotion BERMICARS is a leader in Bermuda in offering innovative and 'Green' personal transportation solutions.

  Aside from being a serial entrepreneur, Michael is an artist and a Graphic Designer, having run his own Art Gallery (Michael Swan Gallery) for 20 years, and also in a professional capacity, managing the design component of the Marketing Department for The Bermuda Department of Tourism for five years, and the design component of the Marketing Department for the former XL Capital Reinsurance / Insurance Company here in Bermuda for ten years.

  Michael has a BA Degree from Acadia University in Nova Scotia and a Degree in Visual Communication Design from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

  A self confessed 'Gearhead' and Formula 1 fan (Lewis Hamilton) Michael is geared up to share his passion for his BERMI CARS with you

Debbie K. Araujo is Vice President Sales and Rentals for Localmotion Ltd./ BERMICARS. Since 2018 when BERMI officially opened for business for rentals, she has been in charge of all rental bookings and also has a hand in local sales of BERMI’s.  

  Debbie has a Communications/Marketing Degree and a Business Management degree from Northeastern University in Boston. 

  Prior to working with BERMI, Debbie held various employment posts, the most notable of which was Vice President of Underwriting and Branch Manager of Zurich Global Energy, Bermuda Branch, for ten years.

  Debbie is a car enthusiast (former NASCAR fan - Jeff Gordon 24) and if you name any exotic sports car she has probably driven it !  

  Debbie is an energetic and valuable part of the BERMI Team as well as an avid Arsenal fan. Go Gunners! 

Bernell is the newest player on the BERMI team.

  After buying a BERMi 400 for his daughter (which she never gets to drive because Bernell and his wife drive it all the time), Bernell retired from his 34 year post in a management position at Digicel Bermuda Ltd., a Telecoms company.

  Seeking something to do post retirement, Bernell approached BERMI to assist with operations "at no charge". But he was so good he is now a key partner on the BERMI team.

  Having a background in Engineering, Electronics, Sales and Marketing, Bernell keeps our fleet of BERMI's looking good and running great. He is also a part of the day to day customer service aspect of our operations.

  Bernell is a very spiritual family man whose 'go to' fun things  to do are his tools, his bike, martial arts and most of all his boat.

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The DNA of Localmotion Ltd 'BERMI' is to be totally focused on offering innovative and environmentally friendly people moving solutions for Bermuda's street pilots.

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