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For bookings please email:

• Please do not respond to any prompt for you to pay us online.

• We do not use an online booking or payment system.

All credit card and payment transactions with us are done at time of delivery or pickup of your BERMI

Thank you.

Kindest regards.

Mike Swan


Debbie @ Localmotion BERMI

Debbie Araujo

Manager Sales and Rentals

Tel: 441 519 9255

Localmotion Ltd. BERMI

18 Happy Valley Road

Hamilton HM19


C  (441) 519 9255

T  (441) 261 0287



Rental BERMI button Localmotion
Pointer fot rental button Localmotion BERMI
Localmotion Ltd BERMI

18 Happy Valley Road

Hamilton, HM19


C:  1 (441) 519 9255

O:  1 (441) 261 0287

Mike: 1(441) 504 7197

Dylan: 1(441)707 0506

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