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Frequently asked questions

What is a Bermi ?

Bermi is not a 'car'. Bermi is a 'Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle' or 'NEV'. Essentially a 'Golf Cart on Steroids'. She is a very basic vehicle with loads of 'big car' features such as air conditioning, power steering, power mirrors, reverse camera etc.

Bermi is a fantastic first car or alternate car as she is small, comfortable, cute, very inexpensive to purchase and operate and is a lot of fun to drive.

What license do I need for a Bermi ?

For rentals  a valid foreign or local drivers license is required.

A Bermuda's drivers license is required to own a Bermi. 

Can Bermi be used to take a TCD driving test ?

We are working on this and if it is possible.


What is the cost of insurance ?

For rentals, $25.00 per rental period up to 2 a week rental.

For purchase check with your Insurance Company.


Do I need a separate assessment number to purchase ?

Yes at this point., However, we have made a proposal to government to allow a second vehicle on the same assessment number as long as vehicle is electric and is  a micro-car. We are awaiting the outcome.


Can I use a regular outlet to charge the battery?

Yes. Rentals can use a 110V and / or a 220V charge supply.

For privately owned Bermi's there is a choice of charge cords for either charging voltage. The charger on the lithium model Bermi is a multi-region charger.


How long does the battery last ?

Rentals can operate up to 120 miles per charge.

For privately owned Bermi's there are options from 55 to 120 miles per charge depending on battery choice.


What colors are available ?

Bermi is available is 6 delicious colours: White, Chocolate brown, Yellow, Purple, Blue and Red. We can custom order your car to your specifications.


How much will my BELCO bill go up to charge my car ?

Based on driving approximately 30 miles per day you can expect an approximate $14.00 per month increase in your bill.

Can I rent a Bermi ?

Yes but not quite yet. We have secured 3 locations. Two in Hamilton and one in St Georges. We anticipate the St George location to be operational by May. We also anticipate one of the Hamilton locations to be ready by mid February. Stay tuned. We will post and advertise our opening once it happens.

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